Connecting People, Process & Technology.

Simpleflow serves as a bridge, connecting individuals with content, and businesses with their customers across various channels and devices. By leveraging multiple input and output channels, we facilitate a secure and efficient exchange of information.


At a glance...


SimFlow can help procurement deparments to Automate Supplier Onboarding to ensure that no essential documents or checks are missed.


SimFlow can generate, output and Manage Delivery Notes including  Associated documents via mobile app to ensure compliance as well as linking invoices to monthly statements.


SimFlow provides for Data validation and integrity by being able to communicate with systems that cannot talk to each other by acting as a central communication hub for a seamless workflow.


Order-to-Cash Process management is streamlined by connecting CRM and ERP data along with scheduling to ensure that the loop is closed on processes.


SimFlow tackles financial application processes including financing of hardware and equipment by ensuring that the process meets regulatory requirements and expedites pay out from financial institutions through direct system communication. 


Manage Collections through Document Composition and Communication Managementpresenting ERP data via the SimFlow dashboard to users without incurring additional ERP license fees.


Automate Accounts Payable through automatic OCR and recognition of incoming invoices and linking them to validated open transactions.


All-in-One Productivity Platform. 
Features & Integrations that Optimize Business Efficiency.

A common misconception is that more features and options make for a better platform. In fact the complexity users face in working with multiple sytems that offer too many bells & whistles can impact the success of your digital transformation journey.

A Unified Cloud Platform That Brings Business Processes Together, Regardless Of Their Origin.

Partnerships Driven by Customer Success.

Process management plays a pivotal role in maintaining strong customer connections. It ensures consistency in interactions, streamlines operations, and enables personalized customer experiences. A successful digital transformation journey should be a consultative one. 


Process analysis serves as the catalyst for change, revealing inefficiencies within existing workflows and pinpointing areas ripe for improvement. By optimizing these processes, technology can be seamlessly integrated, leading to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and increased productivity. Consultants also play a pivotal role in risk mitigation, conducting thorough assessments to fortify cybersecurity measures and ensure compliance with standards.

Change management is another facet of their role, facilitating the smooth adoption of new technologies within the organizational culture. This alignment between technology and processes is key to realizing the full potential of technology investments. Tailoring solutions to each organization's unique needs, technology-focused consultants ensure a customized approach, recognizing that one size does not fit all.

Ultimately, these consultants ensure that technology aligns strategically with the organization's goals, contributing to its long-term success. As technology evolves and business needs shift, their work is an ongoing effort, facilitating continuous improvement. In a world where technology is a driving force, technology-focused consulting services with a strong emphasis on process analysis empower organizations to harness its full potential, fostering growth and competitive advantage in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Making Your Digital Transformation Journey Our Responsibility.