Financial Services Automation.

Graham, the Financial Advisor is able to save hours compiling, validating, and checking supporting documents while dealing with 3rd parties.


Ensure quicker outcomes on financial services applications.


Financial Advisors and any person completing finance related application forms in the presence of a customer, can use the mobile application with included functionality of being able to access device features such as the camera to capture any supporting documents securely.


The data can be fed directly to the back-end systems, eliminating the need for physical capturing. The can be incorporated into digital signature platforms for final customer sign-off. 


This ensures applications are correctly completed and validated without the back and forth of having to waiting for the outstanding documents or risking POPIA Compliance breaches.


Why wait for the next crisis to hit or miss sales targets through delayed customer onboarding? Get the automated & real-time application approval process going.


Installation Services.

Gabriel, the Sales Manager and Jacob in Finance can breathe easy knowing that there is harmony between sales and finance by ensuring all components quoted for and used on site are invoiced. 


Whether it be commercial air-conditioners, Solar Installations or Office Automation Equipment such as Phones and Copiers. Using FormSolve is a sure way to ensure your teams have crossed their "t's" and dotted their "i's".


This safeguards against claims by including photos, scanning barcodes of parts and items as well as customer sign-off. Don't wait until you need to cover a warranty claim.

Vehicle and Equipment Inspections.

Steve is able to rest easy, knowing that the data submitted on inspection forms are validated and processed according to regulations. 



Automated inspection processes for data validation bring a host of benefits to businesses. They ensure unparalleled accuracy by minimizing human error and follow consistent rules, promoting data integrity.


The efficiency of automation allows for swift analysis of large datasets, leading to quicker decision-making. The cost-effectiveness of automated systems, coupled with scalability, results in long-term savings and the ability to handle increasing data volumes. Real-time monitoring ensures immediate error detection, fostering proactive responses.


Automation also aids in compliance adherence, enforcing regulatory standards, and ultimately contributes to enhanced decision-making through reliable and validated data.

Logistics and Manufacturing 

Reduce Debtors Days by more effectively managing Picking Slips & Delivery Notes.


Acts as an e-pod, using transactional data and allowing for sign-off or annotations to be tracked and addressed in real-time.


Use the available functionality to capture the GRV's issued by many large retailers without expecting them to conform to your processes. This acts as an additional layer of security against unpaid invoices or disputed statements and delivery notes.


Pickers and Packers can easily select stock and the use of workflow conditions are used to manage partially fulfilled orders.